A Look Back on 2016

A quick recap of 2016, in no particular order..

  • Bought my very first house in June!
  • Fourth year on youth staff
  • Had one of my best friends from Vancouver visit me in Minneapolis
  • Visited Taiwan with my family to see my grandparents
  • Had some of my best friends get married this spring and summer
  • I've been at my job for 3 years now! 
  • Donald Trump got elected President of the United States 
  • Said no to more things than I ever have this year (which was a goal from last year)
  • Received confirmation for something that has been in my heart for a very long time. Not ready to fully share what this is right now, but maybe sometime down the road I will.
  • Networked with creatives in Minneapolis
  • PRAISE REPORT! Finally saw the release of Kevin and Julia Garratt, family friends from Vancouver, who were imprisoned in China for the past 2 years. If you google 'Kevin Julia Garratt' you can find their story from various major news outlets. Thankful to have them safely back on Canadian soil. 
  • Hive City Storefront 
    • Every since my family moved to Vancouver in 2003 it's been our dream to open a creative and community-focused outreach initiative. This year we saw our dreams come to life in Hive City Storefront and Cafe. 
  • I visited some of my good friends in Toronto over a May long weekend
  • My sister, Heidi, graduated from college! 
  • Best Friends Visit Vancouver
    • Every since we became friends at Bethel my friends and I have been talking about visit Vancouver (where my family lives) and this year we set aside a week to adventure and travel together. It was so amazing to show them my second home and all my favorite spots. It was a trip to remember and we're already hoping to round 2!
  • Rio Olympics - I debated taking PTO to watch the Olympics, that's how serious I am about them. Shoutout to Michael Phelps, the Final Five, and beach/indoor volleyball for making sure I never left my couch during those 2 weeks. 
  • Took my one and only work trip to St. Louis, MO this year, only to have it be on the 1 day a year where Delta's computers go down. It was a nightmare to say the least. 
  • We had our annual friendship retreat and the most fittingly named location 'Camp Friendship'

My theme word for 2017 is 'be'. This year will have been something, is being written, and can be something right now. 

What a year. Thankful for everyone who was apart of it. Looking up and onward to 2017.