Changing Seasons


This week I made the decision not to return to a commitment that I've held for the past 5 years. It was hard, sad, discouraging, relieving and every emotion in between. Through it all, I'm praying that God will be faithful. Faithful to me in this season of transition, faithful to the youth through the chaos. 

I thought this would be a good time to reflect on my past five years on staff. My prayer is that the countless hours spent praying, thinking, drinking coffee, and sitting with these youth has pointed them towards Jesus. It has been my immense joy and privilege to watch the youth discover who Jesus is and share that with others. Right now, I can't imagine not being at youth on a Wed night. I can't think of not knowing what's actually going on in their lives. 

Everyone always said that youth ministry is a marathon not a sprint. Never have I looked back and felt that was more true than now. I've been faithfully running without a hand off in sight. But, now it's time for my part in the relay to be over. I'm not off the team forever, but in this new season, I believe that there's more for me ahead. 

We often marvel at stories of people who are confront with a big life transitions and wonder how they conquered it so fearlessly. It is in these small moments before the "big moment" that we are faced with the challenge of leaning into the uncertainty and relying on the faithfulness of our God. As I look ahead to this new season, I reflect on all the little and big times the Lord came through for me. His faithfulness met me at every turn. So, my prayer, as hard as it is, is that faithfulness would be the guiding force in these next few months.