When: July 2018
Where: Banff, AB, Canada
Stayed: Holiday Inn Canmore

Day 1

We flew into Calgary from Vancouver then drove 1.5 hours to Canmore (just outside of Banff and way more affordable). After grabbing our rental car, checking into the hotel, we dropped our bags and went to explore Johnston Canyon.

Day 2 

We visited Golden, BC, a town a few hours away that my mom grew up in. No photos here, since we spent time reminiscing and seeing all the different places my mom wanted to show us. 

On our way back from Golden we decided to do the classic stop at Lake Louise. It was very crowded and took us twice to get up to the parking lot to find a spot. Once we were there we were able to enjoy the view of hundreds of our closest friends. It's worth going to at least once, but not the prettiest or most ideal spot (especially in the afternoon). 

Day 3

We convinced our parents (who were driving and therefore in charge of the car) to get to Moraine Lake to do a sunrise hike (Rockpile Trail). It was fairly chilly and we weren't prepared but decided to do it anyways since we were committed to seeing the sunrise. It was a beautiful view and worth doing! I can see why people get up at sunrise to see spots like this. 

After warming up in the car for an hour we ventured out again to go canoeing on Moraine Lake. It was glistening after being warmed up by the sun and we were one of the first ones out on the lake. This was one of my favorite activities of the trip and very relaxing. It was a small lake so my limited canoeing skills ended up being just fine. 

We grabbed a quick lunch after canoeing then headed to Peyto Lake for more hiking. We hiked past the normal lookout spot to two beyond and were rewarded with less tourist and amazing views. 

Day 4

No photos from rafting since we were on the water the whole day. We went with Chinook Rafting and they were fantastic. Very friendly and completely safe. We did the easier level 2-3 rapids on the Kananaski River but would love to try level 4 on the Kicking Horse River next time. 

Day 5

YYC to YVR - Drove from Canmore back to Calgary, dropped off our rental car, then headed to the airport to go home to Vancouver.