Cape Town, South Africa

When: April 18-27, 2019
Where: Cape Town, South Africa
Stayed: Muizenberg (with friends)

Day 1 & 2
My route on the way to South Africa was Minneapolis to Chicago, Chicago to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Cape Town. With the time difference it took about 2 days to get there.


Day 3

I slept in a bit then Sam, Amanda, and I had breakfast at home. It was so good to catch up and have time to relax. We soon headed out to Muizenberg Beach, which was only a few minutes away from where they lived. For lunch we grabbed food at Eastern Food Bazaar (so many delicious choices) before meeting up with the YWAM CAR students at Lion’s Head. It was a beautiful hike that took about 2.5 hours total. We also saw Rick Yune (Prison Break!) when we were hiking down. We didn’t get to say hi to him but his voice is pretty recognizable so we think it was really him. We made sandwiches and soup for dinner at home and called it a night.

Day 4

We went to church on Sunday, which I was warned, would be hours long. It actually wasn’t too bad and was cool to experience church in Cape Town. We headed to Scarborough Beach after church and it was super windy. We watch kite surfers and stopped a few times along the scenic drive. We ate lunch at Hub Cafe before driving Chapman’s Peak. We stopped at Hout Bay and it was beyond beautiful. Photos don’t do Cape Town justice. I highly recommend driving Chapman’s Peak and stopping at every chance along the way. We went to an African Block Buster and rented Incredibles 2 since Amanda hadn’t seen it before and turned in for the night.


Day 5

As was our theme, we had breakfast at home before heading out to the Dignity Offices (where Amanda works). It was fun to other women that are working on the Dignity Campaign and hear their passion behind their work. Since the YWAM base was close and Sam had to teach that day we stopped by to check it out. We ate a quick lunch at home before heading out to Buitenverwachting, which was a fun, tucked away, oasis of shops where we sat on the grass and talked the afternoon away. We also visited kirstenbosch, which feels like you’re walking in Jurassic Park, a super lush bio-diverse garden that covers a huge expanse. We were feeling ambitious and decided we wanted waffles, coffee, and sushi so we hit up Jessy’s Waffles, Truth Coffee, and Active Sushi. We were so full at the end of the night we almost didn’t make it from the couches to our beds.

Day 7

We had a quick breakfast, stopped by Blue Door Coffee, grabbed croissants in Kalk Bay then headed to see the penguins at Boulders Beach. On the way back we went through Kalk Bay as well as Kalk Pier. As we still had the afternoon ahead of us we went to the famous Beau Constania for wine tasting. It was so beautiful (even the bathroom had a great view!) and we sat and relaxed. We headed to Signal Hill to watch the sunset. We walked down the path a bit to watch from a more secluded area. We hit up NY slice pizza for dinner then walked around V&A Waterfront.

Day 8

Sam had class and Amanda had a staff meeting so I was home along in the morning. I decided to make some raw bars and a quick breakfast at home. We headed to Stellenbosch (aka wine country) for some wine tasting at Vergenoegd Low Wine Estate. They also have a duck parade there, because they have flightless ducks they use on the grounds as pest control. I have never seen more ducks at one time in my life (literally thousands). It was also special to meet Toby and Aujke, the founders of the YWAM CAR school. They were so wonderful and I’m happy I got to see them. I attended Base Worship that evening and ended with a meal at Tiger Milk.


Day 9 & 10
I flew from Cape Town to Johannesburg then Johannesburg to Atlanta (17 hour flight!) then Atlanta to Minneapolis. I was a bit nervous as 17 hours on one plane seems very insane but I ended up sleeping for almost half the flight, which helped. Now, it’s a fun fact that I’ll get to use.