Thoughts on Creating


Sometimes, for no specific reason, someone’s photos will inspire me to create. Not because I have to or because I feel like I need to meet some standard to be “creative” but to create, just because. For fun, with no client or prompt in mind. It makes me want to grab my camera, my best friends and family, and escape to a new or known city or place. To photograph people laughing, enjoying, and being together. To create, just for the sake of it. Not to post in Instagram, but to capture a moment in time. To remember and to create.

I want to create images that make people think, wonder, and feel known. I encourage you to create. Take a photo, draw a photo, or create a graphic. Not for anyone other than yourself. Create when you don’t feel like it and create when you feel especially inspired. It’s out there for the taking. Go and grab it.

For some reason, I’m feeling especially inspired. Nothing special happened today, I just feel like creating. I want to jump on a plane, wonder unknown streets, and grab my friends and family for the ride. I want to eat pizza in Italy and roam the night markets of Taiwan. I want to swim in clear waters of Bali and explore the picturesque mountains of Albania. I want grab a cheap bottle of wine and watch the sunset over Cape Town.